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Are you a big business, looking for high speed internet and an end-to-end solution for your internet and business phones?

Business broadband

Simplyfree's internet services are made to meet the needs of business

For reliable, dedicated and fast broadband to meet the needs of Wellington businesses, contact Simplyfree today.

Simplyfree offers fast ADSL 2+ or even faster VDSL. VDSL has faster download speeds than ADSL and up to 10 times faster upload speed. VDSL is great for the business that is moving to the cloud or just looking for more speed.

Simplyfree internet services are also a fully managed service, making it easy for your business.

Commercial UFB

Simplyfree UFB comes complete with a managed router firewall and is a commercial grade UFB service so you won’t be slowed down by "vampire" residential users. 

Reliability is provided through having multiple redundant links to the internet and alternate routes for both domestic and international traffic. The service is fully managed offering up to 5Nines (99.999%) availability provided by our internet partners.

Dedicated Business Fibre

Simplyfree dedicated business fibre is provided by premier fibre suppliers such as Citylink. Offering dedicated enterprise level fibre with guaranteed speed and the option of 24/7 service level agreements.

This Dedicated fibre solution also provides businesses with unlimited internet, and guaranteed speeds of 50MB/s upload and download, as well as the option of 100MB/s upload and download.

The biggest difference between business fibre and UFB is that UFB is only intermittent burst speeds and the given rating is the maximum speed you may achieve. Where as, the dedicated business fibre speed is actual continuous speed you will achieve.

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Ph 0800 474 675

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