When a disaster hits

When the Christchurch earthquake hit, it was those businesses that were disaster-proofed that stayed in business. Those that had not invested in disaster-proofing relied on their telecommunication providers to divert calls and recover their telecommunications services, however in this disaster case and others, there is no-one to even contact after a disaster, as support centres are also affected and often closed. 

The idea of disaster-proofing is to take a proactive approach to ensure the continuity of your business services during times of disaster.

What is disaster-proofing?

What's important to ensure the survival of your business?

  • Telecommunications: when a disaster strikes, it's important that the outside world sees your business as a running identity. This not only helps you to continue to gain new business but also communicates to current clients it is business as usual. Your existing debtors will continue to pay the much needed revenue that you require
  • Internet: in the event of a localised disaster Simplyfree offers the option of 3G failover, meaning if the physical data cable is damaged or down, your internet and phones will continue to operate within 60 seconds of the failure

When your business is disaster-proofed, your business does not carry on being affected after the disaster. You'll be able to simply move your phones to any or multiple locations, plug them in at new location(s) and they will operate exactly the same as they did before.

  • No need to contact anyone to divert calls
  • No need for expensive call diverts
  • All phones will operate as they did when they were on one location

Why disaster-proof?

Disasters can and do strike at any time, without any warning. These can range from, but are not limited to:

Geographic disasters

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire

Localised disasters

  • Power outages
  • Fire
  • Earthworks - damaging cables

These disasters can leave businesses crippled, without any connectivity to the outside world, with serious consequences to your business.

Disaster recovery kits

A Simplyfree disaster recovery kit is a box containing a group of phones mirrored to the configuration of your office phones.

With Simplyfree VOIP (Digital Voice), all you need to do is take your kit to a safe location with a broadband connection and plug the phones in. The phones will automatically log on and connect to your numbers. You will have all of the same features that you have at your usual office.

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