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Over the past few years New Zealand Healthcare has been working on improving customer service through the initiative ‘Health Care Home’.  Health Care Home (HCH) has been designed to improve patient experience. This HCH initiative has enabled Simplyfree to utilise key features for Medical Centres on their extensive hosted telecommunications PABX solution called MedTel.

One of the differences between Simplyfrees MedTel and other providers is that MedTels international platform, used by a number of telecommunications companies around the world, is owned, operated and maintained by Simplyfree right here in New Zealand providing a true end to end solution to practices. Other providers use third party solutions reducing their ability to provide the same level of knowledge and support. A number of these providers are primarily IT companies using telecommunications as a tack on revenue stream.

Simplyfree provides services to practices using a variety of different platforms including MedTech, Axion Hosting, HealthLink and others.

Your practice does not need to be part of Health Care Home to enjoy the benefits of Simplyfrees MedTel solution. A number of practices have taken advantage of the additional report features to improve their overall practice performance. 

Simplyfree's MedTel is a combination of specific key hosted PABX features identified in our core VoiP telecommunications systems that provide the best possible customer service to New Zealand's health and medical centre clients:

  • NZ hosted PABX phone system

  • multiple NZ PABX instances for increased business continuity

  • panic button with one-way intercom

  • cloud-based call queueing

  • cloud-based caller queue management

  • cloud-based real-time caller queue monitoring 

  • number of callers in phone system queue report

  • wait time for callers in PABX queue report

  • calls answered reporting

  • calls unanswered reporting

  • phone system call statistics

  • IVR (interactive voice control)

  • inbound time-based rules

  • voicemail to email

These are just a few of the features of the Simplyfree MedTel phone system. 

"You have the most amazing ability to explain the system in the way that I understand".

Sharon Cavanagh - NBA, certADR

Chief Executive of Well Health Trust PHO

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Are you using Medtech and/or HealthLink?

Simplyfree's MedTel is used by a significant number of health care organisations in a number of different network and customer management environments including Medtech and HealthLink.

Due to Simplyfree's specialisation in deploying and managing hosted telephone systems to these commercial and medical environments for many years, we have come across and resolved many of the issues that catch a lot of the IT providers out.

When you choose Simplyfree as your telecommunications provider we will provide an industry leading solution and also work with your IT, Medtech and Healthlink providers to ensure a smooth transition.

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Ph 0800 474 675

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