Medtech & HealthLink IT issues

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In the medical profession, there are GPs with a vast knowledge in a lot of different areas and then there are Specialists for more complex issues - Simplyfree are specialists in the telecommunications field.

Or MedTel hosted telecommunication system uses the internet for all calls and is therefore often blamed, by IT companies, for slowing down the internet connections and making systems such as Medtech and HealthLink extremely slow - this is, on the whole, not the case. We have found over the years that the solution can be quite simple if made by someone who has a specialist knowledge in this area. Whatever phone system you are using you will find that the issue lies with IT and the way that your Medtech and/or HealthLink system is set up.

If your primary IT provider is blaming someone or something else for the issue then there's a very good chance they are not sure of where the actual issue lies. Don't put up with slow HealthLink or Medtech systems when you don't need to.

In some cases we can help and in others we are able to provide names of IT companies who are actual specialists in the Medtech and HealthLink products.

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