Privacy Policy


Simplyfree Ltd. follows the Privacy Act information about privacy principles which set out how to handle personal information.

Simplyfree Ltd. uses digital and social media channels to offer digital communication services to potential customers. The potential customers can voluntarily share their phone number, email address, name, and Facebook or Linkedin information with us depending on our advertisement structures and enabled communication channels. 

The purpose of this information collection is to be able to provide more information about our services. We only store personal information until the information discloser has not requested to remove or our service portfolio loses its potential actuality for the information discloser. We store all information safely, strictly, and provide authorized access only within our company.

Simplyfree Ltd.'s potential customers can choose not to give their information. If they don't give us their information on our digital forms, we are still welcoming them to contact us on any of our channels. In case wrong personal information has been provided, they can contact us on any of our written conversation channels, and we will correct or delete their personal information as per their wish.

Simplyfree Ltd. continuously attempts to collect, handle, and manage personal information lawfully and fairly.

Ph 0800 474 675

Ph 0800 474 675

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