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Simplyfree is New Zealand's local small to medium business telecommunications specialist, focusing on businesses with between five to 100 phones. Simplyfree's strengths come from years of experience in both telecommunications, ITC and business.

In today's telecommunications market, many IT and traditional phone providers are starting to delve into the field of VOIP. The biggest issue with this is IT is such a vast and complex field that a "do everything for everyone" approach means business customers don't get the best possible solution for their needs and can end up with inferior and problematic solutions. In this market we are also seeing a number of traditional PABX providers adding VOIP to their arsenal of products and although this is great from the perspective that they have an understanding of business phone solutions that most IT don't, the down side to this is clients are ending up with hugely expensive traditional PABX's running VOIP lines with restrictions that you don't get on a Cloud PABX or Simplyfree's Digital Voice.

It's due to these and many other factors that Simplyfree specialises in Digital Voice solutions. This allows Simplyfree to remain at the forefront of what's happening in the VOIP market, while understanding how networks see voice compared to internet traffic to provide high quality systems. In addition to this Simplyfree's experience in phone systems, call routing and PABX rules allows us to understand your business needs for your phone system.

Simplyfree does not mix business with IT or traditional PABX with VOIP. Instead we stick with what we are good at. We are customer focused and we constantly strive to save businesses from 30-70% off their fixed line telecommunications costs, while providing more features, flexibility and redundancy.

Simplyfree Limited was established in 2009 by Mark Farrell and Dennis Rowe with a combined IT and Telecommunications experience of over 65 years. Mark has over 20 years experience in telecommunications. This experience includes developing complex business phone systems for single and multiple site clients, mobile radio solutions, mobile phone solutions and the development of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Dennis's experience started with Burroughs followed by a number of other technology based companies including Datacom. Dennis's experience ranges from being involved in technical solutions to senior management and directorships. Today Dennis is a director of a number of businesses including having an active role in Simplyfree.

Ph 0800 474 675

Ph 0800 474 675

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