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Powerful robust communications

Full PABX functionality

Go live anywhere anytime

Conference calls

Multi device connectivity

New Zealand's only dedicated VoIP specialist

Business Phone VOIP Solutions

When you are in business you need to communicate.


Simplyfree will have a solution for your business that fits your needs. These are smartphone solutions that will help your business succeed. We have solutions for every size of business.


Owning and operating our own VOIP Network allows us to provide flexible solutions for your business. We own our network and we provide all our own direct support.

Our range of products and services include:

  • Hosted PABX

  • Cloud PABX

  • Softphones/PC

  • Mobile Integration

  • Remote Working

  • Multi-site solutions

  • Unified Communications

  • Unlimited lines

  • Unlimited calls

  • Enterprise-level features

We work in consultation with our clients, to provide a solution that will meet your needs and requirements. 

We specialise in migrating legacy copper and old PABX systems to new VOIP cloud-based technologies.

Our service is based around, removing the challenges, providing a simple solution that is client-focused, with fixed monthly costs, providing unlimited calls with reliable service and support.

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