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Dynamic Business Options

Low-cost business solution

Fast set-up and implementation

Flexible to support growing businesses

Full PABX features

System Features


  • Phone busy indication (BLF) - See the availability of all extensions across all sites

  • Multi-site deployment - Phones can be installed at different locations

  • Mobile/desktop integration - PC/Laptop/mobile operates as an extension

  • Night & out of hours divert button - Switch your phones to afterhours message or divert

  • Call recording – Record calls for review

  • Conference calling – Set up three-way conferences from your desk phone

  • Conference room – Have multiple members in a virtual conference room

  • Voice mail (on each extension) - Option to be on or off

  • Voicemail to Email - Voicemail audio files emailed straight to your inbox

  • Hold music and messages - Music for callers while on hold or waiting in a queue

  • Call waiting – Hear a new call coming in while on a call

  • Call forwarding - Forward calls to an extension or external number when away from your desk

  • Call parking - Park callers for specific staff to talk to

  • Call Hold – Place calls on hold

  • Multiple call queues – Inbound queues for each site as well as support lines

  • Unlimited lines – Every call reaches a queue to be answered and reported on

  • Automated attendant - Allows callers to select lines or extensions

  • Fax to email / email to fax – Send faxes directly to your inbox as a PDF

  • DDI’s - Direct dial numbers to staff lines etc.

  • Reporting – See how many calls at any time are coming into your business

  • Integrated Bluetooth – Connect Bluetooth devices to your desk phone

  • Speaker phone – Handsfree operation

  • Full colour screen – Provides optimal readability and display

If that's not enough Digitel also offers:

Dashboard section gives you an overview of vital PBXware information. It displays hardware usage, main services status, system information as well as the number of Total calls, Answered calls, SIP registration, etc.

Archiving Storage Archiving storage feature can be used to keep your recordings, voicemails, and FAXes in a remote location. 

CRM Integration Incorporate all the features and capabilities of the PBXware telephony system inside your CRM or Browser. PBXware integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive, and SuiteCRM. 

Online Self Care portal allows the end-user to modify their extensions settings according to assigned permissions. Users can edit Enhanced Services settings, set up voicemail behavior, check CDRs, download call recordings, etc. 

Recordings DigiTel interface has integrated a call recordings player, allowing users to listen to PBXware call recordings directly from their browser and navigate through the recordings with a simple click of a mouse. 

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