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5 Red Flags Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

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Small and medium-sized businesses (and even huge corporations) increasingly rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology as a dependable communication solution. When compared to traditional phone services, VoIP actually enables businesses to communicate and collaborate with their employees, colleagues, and customers in a simpler, more convenient, and less expensive way. VoIP's array of advantages include mobility, scalability, cost-savings, and overall efficiency.

However, VoIP phones can be used by cybercriminals for financial benefit, much like other internet-connected gadgets. Despite the fact that VoIP is often a reliable communication method, there are some security measures you must take to prevent data theft or hacking. When a VoIP phone service is improperly installed, hackers can use the flaw to conduct an attack that could compromise sensitive consumer and business data. In addition to extortion and fraud, VoIP can be used by hackers to eavesdrop on conference calls in boardrooms.

What steps can be taken to protect your VoIP phone system from threats? How can you determine if your system is currently being attacked? Simplyfree can assist you in determining whether your VoIP phone system has been hacked in this post. Here are five warning signs of VoIP hacking:

1. Unwanted websites are provided when you search the internet

When you conduct an Internet search and are forwarded to other websites, this could indicate that your VoIP system is being attacked. The addition or installation of extensions and toolbars in your browser without your consent is another red flag that your system has been compromised. Make sure that your VoIP system has been shut off and logged out of the admin portal whenever it is not in use to protect yourself and your VoIP system from hackers.

2. Issues with call history

Your VoIP phone's call history might help you determine if your system is being attacked or has been hacked. Make sure to note anything out of the ordinary in the call history, such as calls from strange numbers. Additionally, confirm that the phone numbers on your bills are known ones or that the calls are coming from a place you are familiar with. VoIP has the fantastic feature of allowing you to geo-limit calls, making it simple to detect any fraud. However, you will need to seek for other indicators to help you determine whether your VoIP system is being compromised if you are unable to spot problems in the call history and are still uncertain if your system is being attacked.

3. Fake antivirus alerts appearing

VoIP uses the Internet to send and receive messages (such as voice, text, or video) to and from many locations around the world because it is an IP-based technology. It's very likely that your VoIP system is under attack if you or any of your workers observe fake antivirus alerts appearing when the system is turned on. As soon as you detect these false antivirus alerts, it's important to inform your VoIP service provider and request that their system administrator examine the messages' origin to identify any dangerous software. If your VoIP system has been compromised, it is better to turn it off and wait for the technical team to take the appropriate steps to fix the problem rather than trying to handle it yourself.

4. Webcams and microphones turn on automatically

The ability for businesses to conduct voice and video calls with the use of microphones and webcams is a fantastic feature of a VoIP system. Although employing microphones and webcams when using VoIP is beneficial for businesses (particularly during online conferences or meetings), doing so also creates a vulnerability that allows hackers access to your system. Hackers often eavesdrop on businesses using microphones and webcams in an effort to gather private and secret business data (and even consumer information) for financial benefit. Therefore, notify your service provider or system administrator as soon as you detect that the microphones and webcams are being used without your consent (e.g., turning on and off or automatically recording conversations), as this is a sign that your system has been compromised.

5. Sudden rise in phone costs

If your phone bill suddenly increases, this is another red flag that your business VoIP system has probably been hacked. Unauthorised usage of a user's communication system is one of their main worries when using VoIP. Hackers that get access to your VoIP system can easily use your infrastructure to place long distance calls without your knowledge. A software for auto-dialling is occasionally used by these hackers to allow many phones to access a link with a premium rate. If you are unable to alert your service provider or system administrator about this problem, your phone costs will skyrocket. This is also the reason it's essential to regularly check the call history of your system in order to spot call peculiarities and stop hacking activities as soon as possible.

There are many advantages to implementing a VoIP phone system for business communication. But VoIP has the same security flaws as other communication methods. It is essential to take precautionary steps to prevent VoIP hacking in order to guarantee that your company's communication system is secure from hackers and cybercriminals. You may prevent your VoIP phone from being hacked by following proper security procedures and consulting with your service provider to determine what security software should be placed in the system.

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Simplyfree customers can customise their phone solutions to incorporate every cutting-edge feature and configuration if they want to develop a business communication system and establish a VoIP phone system that is free from hackers. Simplyfree promises that any solution will contain a range of features and capabilities through our consultative sales approach to ensure that your company's communication system is safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

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