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How to Choose a Business Mobile Plan to Accommodate the New Normal

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

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Business recovery begins in 2021 as we emerge from the pandemic and move into the new normal. 2020 was the year of Covid-19. forcing businesses to adapt and progress through digital transformation as they adopted new communication methods and allowed employees to work from home. You require a more effective business mobile plan that will enable you to maintain constant connectivity, control costs, and flexibility in these troubling times. This article will walk you through the process of selecting a new business mobile plan that is as adaptable as your company requires.

Basically, your new mobile business strategy should:

1. Get online and connected at all times.

When the entire team is working remotely, it is imperative that you be available anytime your customer needs you. You may occasionally experience problems with your internet connection, such as a rapid decline in Wi-Fi signal strength or an unplanned power failure. What could you use then while you wait for your internet to function correctly once more? To utilise your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your devices, you must have a dependable data plan. Find a cell plan that can assist you in this so that your clients may get in touch with you whenever they need to.

2. To be as adaptive as you need to be, be flexible.

Choose a mobile plan that is adaptable to changes so that you can easily feel secure in making such changes if you need to add or remove add-ons. You can choose either a single user or a shared data plan. You must keep track of what's best for your company and be prepared to make adjustments quickly as you move forward if you want your organisation to be as adaptable as possible during these uncertain times.

3. Be cost-effective

Since they were severely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, 36% of businesses are concerned that they will run out of money (Simply Business study). You should manage your cash flow when the economy is improving by sticking to cell plans that are optimised for your usage and refrain from paying extra fees. Finding plans that meet your needs is crucial.

4. Be utilised for remote working with 5G speed

The availability of 5G is rapidly expanding, making it the fastest internet connection that can be accessed through a phone. You wouldn't want to experience lags or delays during an essential video conference call, especially if you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop. Find a cell phone plan that enables you to use 5G wherever you need it, including abroad.

5. Be simple to control

Sorting out the company mobile contract shouldn't be difficult, especially because you have a lot of work to complete because team members are on furlough during the epidemic. Choose a mobile service that is all-inclusive with a single, straightforward contract and bill so that you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on what is important for the continued success of your business.

For all needs related to your business phones, Simplyfree provides a one-stop shop.

Simplyfree’s range of smart business phone solutions can be customized to provide every modern phone feature and set-up. Through our consultative sales process, we ensure that any solution will include a range of features and functionality to make your business communications professional, reliable, and affordable.

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