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5 Ways VoIP Can Help You Change Your Company

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Whichever sector or specialty you work in, chances are you use a variety of technology solutions regularly in all of your departments. Everything from project management software to different automation technologies, all the way to CRM and VoIP, is required to stay ahead of the competition and achieve the next level of efficiency. Furthermore, in the era of the coronavirus, employing dependable technology is one of the greatest methods to handle a recession, so all the more incentive to invest in business-boosting software.

CRM and VoIP are two of the top software options for taking your company to the next level and ensuring client happiness while increasing lead generation and sales. While many businesses will use only one of these fantastic tools, combining them may revolutionise your organisation in many critical areas and help your marketing, sales, and support teams to thrive. Let's look at how integrating VoIP and CRM can propel your business to new heights of success.

Improve client service by personalising it.

Personalisation has become one of the cornerstones of contemporary business, shaping everything from communication to sales, marketing to customer service, all the way to human resources and beyond. Simply put, current customers and clients want personalised service from their favourite companies since they don't want to be simply another number in someone's sales pipeline or lead in your CRM database.

Instead, people want to be recognised and respected, as well as have a personalised experience. You can leverage CRM data to feed your VoIP analytics insights and develop a highly tailored marketing, sales, and communication plan.

When a customer calls, the CRM can retrieve information about that client, allowing the agent to spend less time searching and more time offering a tailored experience. Information from that client's previous purchases, website visits, and so on is all available to your support team, allowing them to build a personalised experience that inspires the consumer to connect with the business.

Furthermore, VoIP enables you to engage with your consumers in the manner that best suits them, whether over the phone, through chat or email, or even through direct messaging or video, which aids in personalisation.

Improve the efficiency of your teams.

Another apparent advantage of connecting a VoIP solution with your CRM application is that it increases the overall efficiency of your sales, marketing, and support teams. After all, the more user-friendly and feature-rich the program, the better equipped you'll be to manage all projects and tasks more effectively than before. If only for the emphasis on how current business solutions that use automation make your staff's life simpler.

Both CRM and VoIP systems, as you might expect, provide a variety of straightforward and automatic functions to assist with analytics and reporting, scheduling, customer insights, and much more. When used correctly – and if you engage in employee tech education so that your team members can fully utilise these technologies – you can expect VoIP and CRM to significantly increase the overall productivity of your teams. This reduces time waste, prevents employee fatigue, increases productivity, and generates more financial savings.

Reduce the cost of your phone system.

One of the most significant advantages of using business technology and new software is that it can save you money in the long term and can help your organisation secure financial savings even in challenging economic circumstances. This is one of the finest aspects of VoIP. Some of the best VoIP providers, for example, can give you low-cost national and international calls, essentially allowing you to conduct your business remotely from anywhere in the world.

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Marketing and sales have historically been two very distinct departments, but companies are increasingly taking a more symbiotic approach to improve both departments' effectiveness and minimize future sales losses. This should come as no surprise given that sales data and knowledge can have a big impact on the direction of your marketing plan, and vice versa. This is why, if you want to move your firm ahead, you must bridge the gap between these two areas.

This requires the use of a reliable internal communication method, such as VoIP. It's one of the finest methods for your employees to stay in touch with one another throughout the day, and most importantly, to conduct all business-related communication on a secure, centralized system, with its low-cost phone system and numerous communication options like video chats, call forwarding, conferencing, mobile, and more. It's also ideal for increasing the productivity and collaboration of your remote workers.

Manage a customer service team from anywhere.

Certain locations of the world have more affordable on-demand customer support staff than others, which you should be able to take advantage of if you want to cut expenses. Instead of having an expensive in-house support team, you can simply build a decentralized offshore workforce to create a more cost-effective and efficient support system.

Running a customer service team from outside your boundaries was an expensive operation before VoIP, but it is now a cost-effective option. You can also set up a 24-hour support service to help you generate more leads and conversions by utilizing numerous VoIP capabilities, particularly its low-cost international calls.

Because your support employees are stationed in several time zones and can answer every call immediately, you can provide continuous availability to your clients without wasting resources. Add data from your CRM system to the mix, and you're instantly able to provide a more rewarding experience to your clients no matter where they are in the world.

VoIP and CRM are two key technologies that any modern organization should have. CRM and VoIP can help you increase overall productivity, boost customer satisfaction, generate excellent leads, and drive more sales than ever before.

Simplyfree offers a robust solution that combines the best of VoIP technology to provide organizations with improved communication and customer relationship management. If you're looking for how to effortlessly manage your client interactions, monitor sales leads, and enhance customer satisfaction levels, then contact Simplyfree today!

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