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Cut your business overhead costs with a VoIP telephony system.

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Graphic showing five benefits of VoIP

Businesses that use cloud-based phone systems can reduce costs, stay connected all the time, provide better service, and stay on top of technical developments.

All businesses depend on effective communication. Effective communication is the thread that holds everything together, whether it's internal, B2B, or recruitment and training. And having the proper procedures in place is essential to the success of any company providing customer care via all accessible contact channels, including email, phone, and online live assistance. The customer's age has arrived. Large corporations are pouring billions of dollars into optimising their "customer experience" in an effort to retain their customers' goodwill, engagement, and most crucially, loyalty.

Keep informed

The world has evolved. More is wanted right away by people. People expect things to function, or at the very least, to speak to the appropriate person, because technology is available to make this all possible. In conclusion, there are no justifications for poor service, which is frequently caused by inadequate communication stemming from an ineffective telecom system.

Businesses using cloud-based phone systems can go from existing to thriving.

When traditional telephony was in use, a company would have a number of phone lines flowing into and out of each office. The more lines, the larger the firm, and the more convoluted everything appeared to be (and was). Today, these have been replaced with a variety of contemporary analogs, depending on the nature of the firm. If you've ever been inside a contact centre, you'll nod in agreement that they don't necessarily appear any cleaner. Maybe things aren't much better in your office.

Some of the equipment may be known to you, but you probably don't really know or care how they operate in detail; all that matters is that they function properly (because they are expensive). Most likely, an IT expert keeps an eye on everything and assures you that everything is alright. Though is it?

The death of the old with new technologies

By 2025, technologies like ISDN connections will be totally phased out and gone. In the era of the consumer, anything connected to certain contact centre communication infrastructures and service levels has earned its own reality show—the complete opposite of what Big Business is doing. Most likely, neither of these two describes your infrastructure, but if you had to pick one, which one would it be? Do you want to merely get by or flourish?

Whether we like it or not, things change, and a company with outdated technology and software that is no longer supported, won’t be ready for a change like fast growth. The majority of us care more that technology makes life easier rather than more difficult. VOIP simplifies, expedites, secures, greatly reduces complexity, and lowers the cost of communication. It is the way to go.

Understanding the effectiveness of intelligent cloud-based phone systems using VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol has a wealth of opportunities for consolidating all forms of communication. It enables companies with several office locations to continue taking or making calls even if the equipment at one of those locations malfunctions. It makes it simple to hold local, national, and worldwide conference calls. Not only can cloud-based systems route calls, but they can also help monitor performance and show trends, allowing you to modify as needed to match ups and downs. Employees may access information securely while working remotely, and you can engage remote workers to cover busy times and make better use of your personnel.

Consider the benefits a cloud phone system could provide for your company.

It's difficult to predict precisely which telecom solution will be appropriate for your organisation because everyone has different needs. A balance between old and new technology is necessary to stay connected and provide the level of service that both businesses and consumers want today. Phone lines, unflappable internet connections, and items like PBX systems (essential for many office locations) when connected together, produce sturdy communication networks that can compete with any major brand.

Adaptability is key to success, notoriety, and reputation.

Your profession probably doesn't require you to completely comprehend the intricacies of contemporary communication infrastructures and their plethora of acronyms. To expect someone to know which cables go where when looking at a telephone exchange from the 1950s would be absurd. However, you'll probably be in charge of coming up with a solution and controlling the turmoil if and when it fails. As they say, prevention is always preferable to treatment. It's one less thing to worry about knowing you have a smart telecoms solution in place to coordinate everything, isn't it?

Reduce expenses, limit upkeep, and safeguard data

Making the changeover should result in cost savings, as well as the expansion of your communication options and your readiness for any upcoming developments, of which there will undoubtedly be many. By moving everything to the cloud, a virtual environment separate from your infrastructure, your service provider will be in charge of maintaining servers, which will be kept in one of their sizable data centres. With this kind of technology, growth no longer necessitates the price of purchasing your own servers or growing their capacity. Only charge for the number of users, not the amount of data they consume.

Of course, data security is now just as crucial as locking your workplace, so you should speak with an expert who can answer all of your questions and translate any technical terms (you think you should understand). Alternatively, request that they upload it to the new cloud system so that your IT expert, wherever they may be, can access it and process it while you run your business.

Qualities to seek in an expert

You should be offered a consultation because similar to interviewing new employees, the first step in developing a streamlined communications system is to discuss the ins and outs. Regardless of what is deemed trendy and modern, you want an honest recommendation that is in line with your business needs. Flexibility is crucial; it must be able to develop and change to meet your company's needs.

Finally, confirm that they will handle the details and that all you have to do is run your empire. You can count on your cloud expert to install, configure, and walk someone through using it. However, utilising it is as straightforward as checking email, and it's just as connected as any reliable social networking platform.

Simplyfree is the leading and most mature VOIP Network provider in New Zealand.

Its range of smart business phone solutions can be customized to provide every modern phone feature and set-up. Through its consultative sales process, it ensures that any solution will include a range of features and functionality to make your business communications professional, reliable, and affordable.

Discover Simplyfree today!

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