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Enhance Efficiency and Cut Costs: Why New Zealand's Medical Centres Should Switch to Simplyfree's Vo

The past few years have left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness, with terms like "Covid" and "pandemic" etched into our memories. Despite the challenges, New Zealand's Medical Centres have weathered the storm, adapting to new ways of working and ensuring their essential services continue, even as uncertainty lingers.

The demand for Medical Centre call volumes remains consistently high, further necessitating innovative solutions to enhance efficiency. The introduction of remote work has been a game-changer, allowing these centres to continue functioning effectively despite the unique circumstances.

As we look ahead, the prospect of economic uncertainty looms on the horizon. However, amidst these concerns, there is a glimmer of hope for New Zealand's Medical Centres. The year 2023 presents a unique opportunity to not only weather any potential economic storms but also to revolutionise your Medical Centre's operations through cost-effective telephony solutions provided by Simplyfree's VoIP phone systems.

Your Medical Centre, much like any business, is not immune to the impacts of external economic factors. The rising tide of inflation and evolving government policies contribute to increased employee costs and the ever-present challenge of property expenses. In virtually every industry, prices are inching upward.

However, an interesting trend has emerged: many Medical Centres in New Zealand have managed to reduce their telephone costs significantly. This achievement has been realised through a strategic blend of cutting-edge technology integration, innovative features, and economical pricing models for both equipment and call packages.

Throughout 2022, the adoption of the Simplyfree/Medtel platform has grown within New Zealand's Medical Centres. According to Mark Farrell, the Managing Director of Simplyfree/Medtel, this upsurge is attributed to a combination of upgraded technology and enhanced management of telephone traffic. The technological advancements are pivotal, enabling staff to work remotely while doctors can field calls from outside their practice using a mobile app, all without incurring additional call costs. This platform even ensures that doctors can access unlimited lines without the fear of callers encountering busy signals. The global push for VoIP market dominance has led to equipment cost reductions, which Simplyfree/Medtel extends to Medical Centres through a per-phone pricing model, erasing the need for upfront capital investment. This approach guarantees comprehensive support, lower call costs, and the absence of hidden fees often associated with traditional IT services. Notably, the Medtel platform incorporates crucial HCH reporting for comprehensive insights.

Mr. Farrell further highlighted, "This is a rare instance where we've seen costs decrease simultaneously with an improvement in the user experience. The advancements we've made have contributed to the overall well-being of Medical Centres."

In the face of economic uncertainty and evolving working practices, embracing Simplyfree's VoIP phone solutions is not just a matter of survival, but a strategic move towards optimisation. New Zealand's Medical Centres have an opportunity to bolster their operations, reduce costs, and ensure that the quality of patient care remains uncompromised.

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To discover how Simplyfree's VoIP phone solutions can elevate your Medical Centre's operations while reducing costs, reach out to us today. The future of streamlined, cost-effective telephony awaits – an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Join us in making the shift to Simplyfree's VoIP phone solutions – where technology, efficiency, and savings converge for a stronger Medical Centre future.

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