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Questions and Answers on Everything VoIP

It does not have to be difficult to manage your phone service. In this VoIP FAQ, we answer all of your questions concerning VoIP and then some.

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone system 143 years ago, little has changed. VoIP calls, unlike traditional phone calls, are made over the internet utilising a cloud-based phone system.

Even whether Voice over Internet Protocol is new to you or you just want to brush up on the basics, you'll appreciate these thorough VoIP FAQs.

The Basics

1) What is VoIP, and how does it work?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to use the internet to access phone service. Calls are no longer routed over regular phone lines. VoIP allows enterprises to attain better functionality at a lesser cost.

Because of this invention, communication costs are substantially lower than with standard phone service.

Many business owners estimate cost reductions of up to 70% when switching to VoIP phone service. Many business functions are included in these modern phone systems, which increase efficiency and profitability.

Simplyfree is one of the best VoIP service providers for businesses. People like its price and service, according to customer feedback on GetVoIP.

You can trust Simplyfree to work in your business if you have clientele like Conan, Stanley Steemer, Shelby American, and countless more.

2) What can Simplyfree do for me?

Simplyfree assists thousands of businesses in almost every industry in communicating with their customers.

Not only will its VoIP phone system reduce costs, but it also has a number of functions, such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Email, voice, chat, and SMS

  • Productivity tools

  • Case management tools

  • Voicemail-to-email

  • Online faxing

  • On-hold music and messages

  • On-demand call recording

  • Conference calls

3) How is the call quality of a VoIP phone?

The call quality of cloud telecommunication services is determined by the speed and dependability of your internet connection.

When compared to regular landlines, you will notice a significant improvement in call quality. Because landlines have less audio bandwidth, calls can become muffled or blurry. HD Voice technology is used in VoIP calls to achieve this.

The number of HD Voice calls you can handle is determined on the speed of your internet download and upload. Take the VoIP speed test to determine your internet speed.

4) What should I look for in a cloud communications system (VoIP)?

Your requirements are determined by the number of employees you have and by the features you desire.

Fortunately, Simplyfree has been meeting the demands of tried-and-true businesses for over 11 years.

You should seek for the following characteristics:

  • Cost: Calling plans can be month-to-month or contract-based.

  • Will you require the ability to contact assistance during business hours?

  • Coverage Area: Does the VoIP company provide calling capabilities in your area?

  • Users: Does your VoIP service provider allow you to manage service for multiple users?

  • Functionality: What needs does your company have that VoIP can meet?

5) How much does VoIP phone service typically cost?

Simplyfree offers three primary cloud communication plans:

  • Business Communication Suite is available for $20 per month.

  • SIP Trunking costs $14.95 per month.

  • The cost of a VoIP Call Centre begins at $50 per month.

Simplyfree Pricing provides a concise breakdown of every features and costs.

Simplyfree provides two product suites geared to fulfil the needs of a developing business. The Business Communication Suite includes all of the tools required by a business, including phone service. Alternatively, phone service is not included in the Customer Relationship Suite.

Savings can differ from one firm to the next. Many businesses estimate savings of up to 70% after implementing VoIP. You'll save more money if you use more users and phone lines!

6) Do I need to sign a contract?

Simplyfree provides business VoIP service on a month-to-month basis. Simplyfree offers annual plans to help you save the most money.

Not all VoIP companies, however, offer monthly plans. Also, be wary of some annual fees on the market, which may require payment in advance. Simplyfree does not require any initial payments.

7) Do I need to have an existing VoIP phone?

No, you are not required to have a VoIP phone. Because VoIP phones adhere to accepted internet standards, you can bring your own, purchase one from your VoIP service, or lease one.

You can avoid using a desk phone entirely by using the Simplyfree App on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to make VoIP calls.

8) How many calls can I make at a time?

Simplyfree provides unlimited phone calls. How many are there? It is entirely up to your devices and users. A basic VoIP phone may accommodate three simultaneous calls, but this varies depending on the equipment.

A standard phone system, on the other hand, would need you to roll over lines to accommodate several concurrent calls. One of the benefits of VoIP phone service is the ability to handle several calls at once. Even if you only have one phone and one phone number, callers will never receive a busy signal.

9) Is internet service included with your VoIP phone service?

No, we do not include internet service in our plans.

You would have no speed or reliability issues if you already have an ISP (Internet Service Provider). A company will need at least 100kbps per phone line (or 0.1 Mbps).

10) Are there any limitations to using a VoIP phone system?

No, our business phone service has no practical constraints. You are free to make as many calls, users, and telephone number as you need. To prevent fraud and abuse, just one phone call per line per second is permitted. (This helps you avoid the dreaded robocalls.)

Furthermore, upgrading your current plan will not cost you a fortune. The main advantage of our virtual phone network is that it is simple to upgrade as your company grows.

The only thing you must ensure is that your internet service is both fast and dependable. This will affect the quality and dependability of your calls.

Simplyfree offers the Enhanced 911 (E911) option for emergency calls. This function allows public safety personnel to identify the location of your phone call.

11) If I lose power, will I still be able to make phone calls with VoIP?

If there is a power outage, you will most likely be unable to connect calls. Our VoIP phone network communicates via the internet. During a power failure, your router will be unable to function, resulting in no internet connection.

The only exception is if you have a backup power supply capable of powering the router (and therefore maintain your internet connection). Backup power may be required if you use Power over Ethernet (PoE).

In the event of an outage, you can direct calls to a cell phone or a voicemail box by instructing your VoIP service, such as Simplyfree. Customers benefit from this approach since it avoids busy signals and rejected calls.

12) What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a phone number that is not affiliated with a specific person or business. Response rates from certain marketing initiatives can also be tracked using virtual phone numbers.

This is useful for long-distance callers, for example, since they can dial a local virtual number to contact your team.

13) Will I lose any business features from landlines if I switch to VoIP?

No, your company will get access to 50+ Simplyfree features. These are the genuine article. They will almost always incorporate any function that your current landline provider provides.

Examine our comprehensive list of bundled VoIP functions.

14) Does faxing work over VoIP?

Because traditional fax machines may not be able to send faxes over VoIP lines, you should use an online faxing solution.

Simplyfree's VoIP subscriptions include unlimited online faxing. This function alone is worth $20 a month, but Simplyfree provides it for free.

See how online faxing may make it simple to send and receive faxes.

15) How is Skype or Google Voice different from Simplyfree?

Skype, like Simplyfree, employs the same technology as consumers: VoIP.

Skype and Google Voice are simple VoIP solutions that provide free internet messages and calls for personal usage.

Simplyfree, on the other hand, is an entire business communications solution. It includes phone calls, email, SMS, call recording, analytics, CRM, and other features.

Simplyfree also includes a dedicated support staff and business features to help you increase productivity and cut costs.

16) Does my computer need to be online for me to make a call?

Yes, if you use a VoIP app on your PC to make calls. Otherwise, you do not need to connect your computer. As long as you have internet connectivity and a VoIP-enabled phone or smartphone, you can complete calls.

You can even forward calls on any other phone you own, and callers can never know.

17) What are international calling rates for VoIP?

Simplyfree has some of the industry's lowest international calling prices. Call charges differ depending on the country, phone provider, and mode of communication. It might be as little as two cents per minute in some countries. See our complete list of international calling rates.

18) If my business is growing, can I adjust my VoIP phone system?

Yes, one of the benefits of adopting a VoIP phone system is scalability.

Upgrading a VoIP phone system is simple because it is hosted in the cloud. There is no need for costly infrastructural improvements. In essence, your company's phone system may be scaled to virtually an infinite number of users or locations.

VoIP FAQ: Features

19) What is Voicemail-to-Email?

When you receive a voicemail message, it is automatically transformed digitally into a.WAV file and forwarded to your email account.

Receiving voicemails in your mailbox acts as a reminder as well as a convenient digital format that you can retain for later use. Instead of phoning, you can listen to voicemail messages immediately from your computer.

20) What is a cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX enables you to use all of your company's phone service that is hosted via an internet service.

Instead of on-site hardware, all PBX functionalities can be offered effortlessly over the internet. A cloud PBX can save your firm hundreds of dollars in costs. Your IT crew would rather focus on more pressing issues than tinkering with an out-of-date phone system.

Even if you change offices or travel abroad, you will be able to access your communications systems and make and receive calls.

21) What is meant by free number porting?

The telephony service provided by Simplyfree provides free number porting. This feature allows you to keep your ongoing business phone numbers when you convert to Simplyfree. Simplyfree's professionals will assist you through the entire process of porting.

It is possible that porting will take a maximum of four weeks to finish. Simplyfree provides temporary phone numbers so that your business can run uninterrupted. Because you may forward phone calls transparently, callers won't even need to know the temporary numbers.

Porting can be complicated, and some phone companies may charge an activation fee per line.

22) How many minutes do I get with Simplyfree’s VoIP plans?

Simplyfree's phone service plans provide unlimited calling minutes. Stop counting the minutes and start selling more. Simplyfree allows you to concentrate on expanding your business. When you join us, you'll also receive a free contact number and a free toll-free number.

23) What is the Shared Call Appearance feature?

Shared Call Appearance is a feature that enables many phones to share the same phone line. If a person has many phones, they might share the same line.

You can accept calls from a single number from numerous phones or places. Shared Call Appearance is preferable for people who have more than one location where they conduct business on a regular basis.

24) What is Voicemail-to-Text?

Voicemail-to-Text is a tool included in our cloud communication services that can be life-changing if you're frequently busy or on the go.

Voicemail messages can be automatically transcribed and delivered to you through email or SMS.

This premium feature generates a digital paper trail that you can use to follow up on later or to make calendar notes. Each extra Voicemail to Text line costs $2.95.

25) What is the Barge-In feature?

Supervisors can listen in on a call using the Barge-In feature. Supervisors can also intervene in the chat or take over the phone call.

Many business owners like the Barge-In feature since it allows for live training of new personnel.

26) Can I record calls?

Simplyfree includes call recording on the Business Communication Suite's Enterprise tier of service. Because the recordings are securely stored elsewhere, certain plans may include it for a minimal price.

Both inbound and outbound calls can be recorded in digital format. These are useful to keep on file for both training and legal concerns.

27) Does Simplyfree support conference calls?

Yes, Simplyfree supports conference calling for up to nine participants.

With extensive admin capabilities, Simplyfree conference calls allow you to govern your conference call. You can, for example, record conference calls and send calendar invites.

Simplyfree can add bigger capacity and more conference bridges to your account for a small price.

28) What does the ‘Call Me Now’ feature do?

If you have a business website, the Call Me Now function is fantastic. Visitors can initiate contact with you by clicking a link or button on your website.

This function brings a new degree of personal service because many people have their phone nearby. Users can initiate a call between the consumer and you by tapping a link on your website. It's that simple!

29) What is the “Music on Hold” feature?

Music on Hold is a VoIP feature that enables you to listen to music while your call is on hold or in the queue.

You may also play recorded advertising message using this feature. You can broadcast special discounts or promotions instead of background music.

You can also record information that would be useful to your customers and keep it on hold while they wait on the line (and discourage them from hanging up).

30) What is an Auto Attendant?

An auto attendant can be thought of as a virtual receptionist who leads callers to the appropriate persons or departments.

You've most likely seen it before. When a consumer calls, they will be greeted by a recorded greeting, after which the caller will be directed to push a key based on their needs.

For example, your car attendant could instruct callers to "Press 1 for accounts, 2 for Customer Service, or 3 for technical assistance."

It saves time by sending users to the appropriate department without requiring unnecessary transfers throughout the day. Simplyfree's multi-level auto attendant works around the clock and may alter the options according on the time of day.

31) Can you help me record my Auto Attendant greetings?

Yes, when you join Simplyfree, we provide professionally recorded welcomes for your callers. Each greeting should be no more than 50 words long.

You can also purchase greeting add-ons such as more words, background music, and other features by speaking with your account manager or executive.

32) What types of analytics reports do you offer?

Simplyfree offers statistics and reporting for your calls as well as CRM tools.

You'll get a real-time overview of your customers' data, as well as the flexibility to design your own customised dashboards.

Simplyfree also allows you to produce reports depending on:

  • User calls

  • Call duration

  • Inbound, outbound call volume

  • Average calls per day, per user

  • Number of calls answered

  • Average talk time

33) What is the gamification feature offered by Simplyfree?

Gamification enables your company to foster a culture of friendly rivalry.

Use a leaderboard, for example, to indicate which users have made the most calls.

Gamification inspires and incentivises your employees to be more productive. Team leaderboards can also be constructed to foster team spirit and recognise the winning team.

34) What does the Selective Call Acceptance feature do?

When you or a manager is exceptionally busy, Simplyfree's Selective Call Acceptance option can be handy for filtering inbound calls.

You can establish particular criteria for phone numbers or times of day to allow calls.

35) What other features does Simplyfree offer?

There are multiple business features that will increase your company's quality of life and efficiency.

Advanced Call Forwarding allows you to choose when calls should be forwarded to another phone number.

Anonymous Call Rejection gives you the ability to reject calls from those who hide their identities.

You can use Directed Call Pickup to respond to a call that is ringing on a different line.

Simplyfree can assist you with your VoIP needs!

Simplyfree is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, and offers smart business phone solutions such as Fibre, Broadband, Toll-Free, 0800 numbers, Unified Communications, Conference Calls, Call waiting, Call queueing, Voicemail to email, call recording, video team meetings, and more!

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