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Reduce your Medical Centre Telephone Costs. Upgrade to better technology.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Following the past couple of years, the words Covid and pandemic will forever be etched into our consciousness.

Yes, it has been manic and exhaustive, but all our Medical Centre clients’ have made it through the journey, even if it isn’t finished yet.

Medical Centre call volumes remain high. New ways of working have been adopted to make improvements to cope with new circumstances, such as working remotely.

So, what’s next? Well, it seems that the dark clouds of recession are on the horizon.

However, there is some good news for NZ Medical Centres …

2023 may be your best opportunity to weather any recessionary storms by reducing your phone costs whilst improving your technology/telephone system to make your Medical Centre workplace less stressful.

Your Medical Centre is your business and like any business you are not exempt from external economic factors. Inflation has arrived and Government policies are increasing employee costs. What about your property costs? In nearly all businesses, prices are increasing in just about every area.

However, in most cases we have seen reduced telephone costs for Medical Centres in NZ. We have done this using a combination of factors that includes, new technology with new features that can be used in new ways to drive down costs, lower costs for telephone equipment and different ways of packaging call costs.

During 2022 the number of Medical Centres in NZ using the Simplyfree/Medtel platform increased. Mark Farrell, Managing Director of Simplyfree/Medtel explained “a combination of new and improved technology has allowed NZ Medical Centres to make significant progress in how they deal with and manage their telephone traffic. These advances have been significant and allow for staff to work from home or Doctors to take calls outside of their practice on a mobile app with no additional call costs. They can have unlimited lines at no additional cost ensuring Doctors can always make outgoing calls whilst patients will never get a busy signal. Worldwide, manufacturers competing for a larger VoIP market have passed on equipment cost savings resulting from global scalability. The Simplyfree/Medtel business model charges on a per phone cost allowing Medical Centres to upgrade and install to the latest technology with no up-front capital costs. This delivers full support and lower call costs and ensures no invisible costs usually charged by IT companies. The Medtel platform includes HCH reporting.”

Mr. Farrell continued “it has been one of the few areas we have been able to see costs reduce at the same time that the user experience improves.”

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