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The 5 Best Business PBX Phone System Features

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

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When it comes to utilising phone system capabilities for your organisation, you must have access to some of the most powerful tools available. It all boils down to being able to take advantage of the best features at any time to improve efficiency. There are numerous PBX phone systems to choose from. But what are the most popular characteristics among today's businesses? Here are five that you should look for:

1. Auto attendant

Your receptionist will have more time to work with an auto attendant since they will spend too much time routing and re-routing callers to get them to the correct area. The service guides callers through a basic set of recorded selections to the correct extension or person. As a result, fewer inbound callers require the help of a live operator, saving the firm both time and money.

2. Voicemail transcription

Your voicemail messages are converted to text and sent to you via email or text message using voicemail transcription. When it is not necessary to pull out a phone and listen to a full message, people find this option to be really convenient. You can answer appropriately when it makes the most sense if you can see the words written directly in front of you.

3. Active call controls

When considering VOIP choices for a new phone system, having the ability to regulate calls is one of the most significant features. Monitoring, whispering, barging, and recording features allow you to tailor your calls to your interests.

4. Cloud-based security

Investing in a new phone system might provide you with a lot of peace of mind. Businesses today want the assurance that cloud-based security capabilities that work in tandem with your new system provide. Even when communicating over the internet, today's leading phone systems allow you to encrypt voice, IM traffic, and signalling to keep important information private. These encryption technologies include features such as one-time access codes for setting up conferences and increased password protection.

5. Mobile call routing

Mobile access from anyplace is more vital than ever in today's corporate climate. Personal and corporate communications can now coexist on the same device, but with separate identities. Inbound calls to the PBX are routed straight to the mobile device, while outbound calls display the appropriate business caller ID. Depending on the person's location, calls will also automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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