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VoIP started as an alternative to landlines and PBX systems, and call quality is superior to landline and mobile calls. However, VoIP technology continues to improve and innovate, which has a deeper impact on communication. Here are five trends to watch in 2023 regarding the future of VoIP technology.

5G Goes Mainstream

Now that 5G is available, let's look at some use cases brought about by 4G networks. 4G use cases have brought intelligent homes, remote monitoring, in-vehicle media, remote desktops, and more. As these become more commonplace, it's hard to imagine how 5G will revolutionize them. 5G will significantly improve the speed and latency of communications, especially video conferencing.

The Death of the Analog Phone System

There are very few people and businesses that still have a traditional landline system and this number is decreasing every year. The need for modern and better communication has led to advanced smartphones and sophisticated VoIP platforms that can support social media, phone calls, video calls, SMS, and more.

Mobile VoIP for Mobility

While many businesses are focusing on desk phones as they transition to VoIP, mobile integration is the future. As smartphones become powerful enough, mobile VoIP integration will become the mainstay, completely replacing the current VoIP system that businesses currently have. If you are in a remote area with no cellular service but have internet access, you can use your VoIP system and can work from anywhere, great if your team needs something to add to the project on the way.

More Schools are Using VoIP

Schools also use communication systems for online learning, seminars, and classroom collaboration. Schools are turning to unified communications provided by VoIP to improve learning and communication. The VoIP market is expected to grow rapidly with increasing demand for mobility in education. VoIP also allows teachers and administrative staff to communicate with parents remotely through real-time communication. Mobile VoIP allows administrators to send emergency calls to parents or emergency services via SMS or phone.

VoIP with AI capabilities

With artificial intelligence being used in businesses for voice recognition and chatbots, the use of AI in VoIP is very promising. AI capabilities can provide analytics on customer calls to tell you how they feel, the meaning of what they say, call centre quality insights, type the impact of your advertising, and how well people like your products and services. AI in VoIP technology can also alert you to incorrect network configuration, bandwidth, or latency issues before they affect customers.

Don't let your business fall behind when communicating with your customers, clients, and people working in your business. At Simplyfree, our goal is to provide your business with a phone system that dramatically improves the way people inside communicate with each other and with each other. Contact us to learn more about how a properly implemented VoIP system can improve your business performance and reduce costs.

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