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The humble beginning of VOIP

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Simplyfree VoIP Phone Solution
Simplyfree VoIP Phone Solution

Before discussing how VOIP started, it is crucial to acknowledge the two technologies that came first: the Telephone and the internet. It was on March 10, 1876 that the first telephone call was made by the gadget’s inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Fast forward 100 years to 1976, long distance calls were still an extremely expensive commodity. It was the Internet that truly revolutionised communications. The idea of using a computer to make calls happened when hobbyists began tinkering with the idea of how PC users can make voice calls using a computer to avoid expensive long-distance calls.

Nowadays, savvy business owners know the many advantages of using VOIP technology in their business. Read this Harvard Business Review article dated September 2005 ABOUT how you can use VOIP to compete, lower costs, gain flexibility and improve service.

If you need help to migrate to VoIP PABX, call Simplyfree.

Simplyfree is based in Wellington, New Zealand and provides smart business phone solutions such as Fibre, Broadband, Toll-Free, 0800 numbers, Unified Communications, Conference Calls, Call waiting, Call queuing, Voicemail to email, call recording, video team meetings and more!

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