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The Top 4 UCaaS Technology Features

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A cloud-based system called UCaaS, or "Unified Communication as a service," offers enterprise-level communication capabilities and services. UCaaS benefits include increased productivity and cheaper operational costs for enterprises.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic's emergence, UCaaS has become increasingly popular since it enables businesses to let their staff work from any location. Many people nowadays find it impossible to envisage returning to their jobs full-time. Many businesses are adopting a hybrid work approach in line with the current trend.

Below are extremely helpful advantages and the key components of the UCaaS technology stack.

Remote Video and Audio Conferencing

It's no surprise that this UCaaS function is ranked first given that video and audio conferencing has been one of the most frequently searched terms online for the previous two years. Although the way we conduct business has drastically altered, we have been able to quickly adapt to some fantastic applications. We meet every day, work together on multiple documents and presentations, and attend meetings with more than 100 people who are dispersed all over the world!

When looking for a career, many people take team flexibility into account. It can be a deciding factor for some people that UCaaS offers more channels of communication and makes it simple to work from home or virtually any place.

Leading-edge voice and telephony

VoIP and UCaaS are frequently mentioned in the same sentence. VoIP is simply one feature of unified communications, though. The PBXware IP PBX, the oldest and most experienced Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform in the market,

Calls are the lifeblood of every business, and by adopting UC apps, you'll not only be more productive but also more cost-effective.

Another crucial and widely utilised element of UCaaS is instant messaging chat. Group chat messages with one or more coworkers can occasionally be used to reach consensus on particular situations. We won't go into detail about chat messages' ease of use, especially given that all of your devices sync your conversation history. This indicates that the chat messages on your mobile app are synchronised in real-time with the desktop version of the software.

Remote Work Made Simple

By utilising unified communications as a service, you may improve customer communication, lower your total cost of ownership, and raise the productivity of your workforce.

Because unified communication services are housed in the cloud, we, as a UCaaS provider, handle and manage all updates for you.

Employees can profit from remote work and fully utilise BYOD regulations thanks to UC platforms. By enabling users to attend meetings from any place using any device, such as a personal smartphone or a tablet, UC improves overall happiness.

New research suggests that working from home can increase happiness by up to 20%. The results showed that if employees went back to office-only work, their satisfaction would suffer.

This is made possible by the numerous applications and productivity and collaboration capabilities offered by cloud-based systems like Unified Communications.

Real-time messaging, telephony, and video and audio conferencing are all components of UCaaS. Businesses looking for affordable or off-site solutions can benefit from these services. The UCaaS technology stack offers a one-stop shop for all business communication requirements. It combines all of the aforementioned characteristics and takes workplace communication to a whole new level.

For all needs related to unified communications software, Simplyfree provides a one-stop shop.

Simplyfree’s range of smart business phone solutions can be customized to provide every modern phone feature and set-up. Through our consultative sales process, we ensure that any solution will include a range of features and functionality to make your business communications professional, reliable, and affordable.

Join Simplyfree as a partner, and together improve communication in New Zealand and around the world.

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