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Ways VoIP can make your business calls better in 2023

Globalization and rising electronic development will continue to make business more affordable. Businesses and brands should always be looking for new ways to improve sales service development.

Outbound outreach campaigns have been one common practice across the board for connecting with certified potential customers. According to 62% of online marketers, their outgoing strategy has been successful. That is a significant number, but there are still many areas for improvement. Implementing VoIP systems in an outgoing telephone call procedure is one way to accomplish this.

Important features of a VoIP system for outbound calls

A collection of features that improve the efficiency of phone systems across the board enables businesses to better manage calls. While VoIP software is typically used for inbound calls, it also has a wide range of features that can be useful for incoming calls. Some of them are as follows:

Call monitoring Improved business contact management is especially useful in B2B outbound settings because it enables sales representatives to better manage and organize prospect information. In addition, it gives agents a place to organize and record call information as well as notes so that they can later consider requests, questions, and other personal information.

This will improve all incoming sales strategies when paired with an efficient customer partnership management device.

Managing Your Agents

A business VoIP phone company will be able to manage not only your leads and prospects but also your agents. A VoIP system gives your company a much more effective way to manage representatives' performance, conformity, and attendance when it is integrated with a work management system.

By having a dashboard that displays the responses provided to callers, you can improve associate efficiency with reacting agents using representative monitoring. Managers can evaluate call performance in this manner and respond accordingly, whether through coaching or incentives.

Features for Call Monitoring

In addition to managing contacts and representatives, VoIP systems offer a way to handle the call themselves. The following are a few of the convenient call administration features:

Call recording: Record your calls and store them on tape for immediate playback and evaluation.

Call forwarding enables outgoing groups to collaborate and forward calls in the event that a prospect wishes to speak with a different representative who, for instance, specializes in a different product or service.

Dynamic Caller ID: You can show the country of the customer's caller.

Agent coaching: In a "whisper setting," join an online phone call and give your representative some helpful advice.

Monitoring agents: Visit us in person or over the phone to contact us to monitor and assess the effectiveness of agents.

Parking by phone—in the event that agents might need to put people on hold.

Call pulling—in the event that customers need to switch devices.

Insights and records

The power of data is increasingly being emphasized as businesses rely on numbers to make informed decisions. VoIP systems grant service providers access to additional data and analytics that may be useful for evaluating their sales representatives, strategies, and products.

The functions of call tape recording can also be useful for a number of other reasons, which you will also learn about in a moment. The majority of VoIP services also save recordings on cloud-based systems, eliminating the need to store them in a physical storage device that can take up resources

and space.

Outbound calling teams and various other business applications can benefit greatly from the numerous additional features that VoIP systems can provide.

With all of these features in mind, the bigger question you might be asking is “just how do all of these functions assist my outbound calling team or agents?”

Using a VoIP system can benefit both your team and the company as a whole in the following ways:

1) Improve your outbound call management

Outbound sales representative monitoring is a tried-and-true human resource management strategy that allows you to effectively manage your team's performance. Supervisors and managers may find it exhausting to have to manually examine phone calls, assign leads, and provide feedback. Having a VoIP system can help alleviate the stress and work involved in manual team administration.

Your outgoing sales team manager can now concentrate on even more high-value tasks thanks to a VoIP system, such as:

  • locating new potential customers.

  • Networking.

  • educating employees in sales.

  • designing reward systems to boost productivity.

2) Handle calls better

Businesses that lose or lose leads will not do a good job of converting potential customers into customers. Sixty percent of leads will say no four times before saying yes. However, the typical representative rarely makes it to the initial follow-up. Installing a better lead monitoring system that allows them to track and examine lead information in order to assist in converting a prospect into a customer could be helpful in this process.

Representatives and sales agents can go back to old leads and conduct the necessary follow-ups with better contact management to help them close more deals.

3) Improve calls through analytics, coaching, and responses

A VoIP phone system effectively tracks analytics and phone call responses, allowing sales teams and service growth managers to use that information to make better decisions. That information could be used to evaluate the performance of the group and provide feedback and coaching to improve outbound outreach.

Additionally, feedback study tools that instantly solicit feedback from call recipients are common in VoIP systems.

4) More efficient call forwarding

In the B2B lead generation process, some callers may be interested in particular products or niches. Outbound callers can simply forward calls to the appropriate representatives in the event that a lead desires a different service or product that falls under a different division.

Using a VoIP phone system for business-to-business sales could improve group collaboration and increase closing costs. This might not always be the case when running a call center.

A group of agents, on the other hand, is actually able to achieve even more for each individual as long as they provide for the entire group or business by motivating a society of cooperation. This is due to the fact that groups tend to benefit more from internal competition than from shared support.

5) An increase in sales

At the end of the day, an agent and the entire business that employs them all want more sales. When the company improves all of their phone call activities, an effective VoIP system can assist the company in achieving that.

The ultimate goal of each and every feature and benefit discussed is to enable the business to make high-converting calls that can result in a profit. The business and their outbound team stand a much better chance of achieving that by enhancing systems with features like integration with sales devices.

There has been a lot of noise about incoming advertising. OUTBOUND IS STILL A MAJOR DRIVER OF GROWTH FOR A BUSINESS. Additionally, despite its high level of dependability, it does not disregard the power of outgoing methods. According to a survey, 32% of professionals said that outbound methods generated more leads for them than inbound methods did.

A VoIP system may therefore be the key to assisting you in acquiring even more business through the door if you intend to implement an outgoing selling system and acquire additional phone sales customers. You set the organization as a whole up for further expansion in the near future by doing so.

In New Zealand, Simplyfree is the leading and most mature VoIP Network provider.

Simplyfree’s range of smart business phone solutions can be customized to provide every modern phone feature and set-up. Through its consultative sales process, it can ensure that any solution will include a range of features and functionality to make your business communications professional, reliable, and affordable.

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